KoHi Labs Filter for Aeropress® Coffee Maker

KoHi Labs™ Metal Fabric Filter

An ultra-fine, reusable, stainless fabric filter for Aeropress® coffee maker. Brews a clean cup of coffee with no paper taste or waste. This high-tech filter is made from an ultra-fine, food grade, reusable, stainless steel fabric. This is the ultimate filter for the Aeropress® coffee maker.

Key Benefits

  • Brighter notes in the taste profile of the brew
  • Great tasting coffee through optimal micron level filtration
  • Easier to press than paper filters
  • Simple design is durable and easy to clean
  • Made in USA
  • Lasers make it extra awesome

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After Each Use:
1. Remove filter from Aeropress and rinse coffee from the surface with a couple drops of dish soap.
2. Put the filter back into the Aeropress
3. “Pressure Flush” – Add hot water and press it through aggressively into the sink
4. Repeat step 3 a few times
Deep Clean Procedure:
1. Mix 1 tsp of the cleaner with 4 oz hot water in a small glass bowl.
2. Soak the filter in the mixture for 30 minutes or more.
3. Rinse the filter thoroughly.


We are thankful for all of our Kickstarter supporters who helped bring this filter to life. Check out our campaign here.